About Us

Hobie Pileski


Hobie is constantly explaining why he makes such a production of everything and has spent over 15 years producing magnificent parades. He speaks the language of band directors with a fluency commanded only by those who know their stuff. Speaking of command, young performers and businessmen respond beautifully under Hobie’s accentuate-the-positive direction. Hobie’s creativity is diverse: music selection, staging, costuming all to create that unique element or apply to the total parade. Hobie is at his best with productions that call for maximum entertainment and crowd involvement with an ear for musicality. He does, however, have a practical side. Clients feel comfortable with his ability to manage the entire project from creation, planning and finally execution of a great event. Sponsors also appreciate Hobie’s astute counseling on how best to present products or services in a parade setting.

Barkley Russell


Barkley has a multi-faceted background in all aspects of the parade industry. With more than 25 years’ experience in parade production, theatrical and large-arena production, television production, dance, and special event coordination, Barkley certainly knows how to put on a performance. Her other strong suit is her attention to details in all aspects of parade operations from bleacher installation to coordination with local authorities. She also has 35-plus years in public relations, marketing and advertising.

What does all of this mean for your event? It means you will have the creative vision necessary to meet critical sponsorship and thematic needs. If your parade will be televised live — or if you are considering it — Barkley’s experience with parade broadcasts will certainly pay off. She can help you attract the right television outlet, assist your television partner in choosing the best visuals, camera locations, and fulfill a host of other technical needs.

What’s more, Barkley is as competent coordinating small groups in a local parade as she is handling a cast of hundreds.