Total Parade Management

We will be responsible for the planning, production and management of your parade.  This includes coordinating the operational elements and managing the parade entries and volunteers to create a successful and spectacular parade.

Creative Development

Create unique specialty units for the parade including recommendations of units, solicitation of performing groups, costuming, choreography and music selection. We will become partners in the final selection process of all parade entries under review.

Creative Resource

Serve as a creative resource for new and exciting ideas and recommend unique parade units from across the country. We will share our experiences from other parades and special events.

Parade Critique

Review and critique your existing parade to offer new ideas and insights. Many times a parade can benefit from a fresh perspective.

Participant Resource

Serve as a resource for bands and specialty units wishing to participate in parades throughout the U.S. as well as internationally.

Telecast Coordination

Work with the broadcast outlet responsible for televising the event and act as liaison between you and the television staff.  We can also provide and train pacers for telecast zone as needed.

Sponsorship Solicitation

At your request and when possible, attend major sponsor presentations and assist in creating unique ideas that will excite your sponsors.

Parade Operations

Assume the lead role in the coordination of the operational elements of your parade.

Parade Lineup

Work on the development, preparation and maintenance of your parade lineup.

Parade Route

Survey of the parade route, marshaling areas, disband and television placement in addition to other aspects that relate to your total event.

Parade Day Management

Staff parade headquarters, organize the integration area of the parade, work with your volunteers in lining up the units and assistance in telecast zone to control parade units.


Assist in determining volunteer needs, create solicitations to encourage people to volunteer and create documents that provide them with pertinent information including job descriptions and responsibilities so they are comfortable with their duties on the day of the parade.  We can also solicit feedback to enhance their effectiveness and continued participation.

Parade Opening Production

Develop theme and storyline in conjunction with you and the broadcast outlet. We will assist in staging, choreography, recruitment of performers and rehearsals.

Floats and Balloons

Serve as a resource for vendors and assist in coordination with them to successfully add these elements to your parade that also fit your budget.


Assist in recruiting quality bands as well as working with them for the best way to showcase their performance. We will suggest new and unique ideas in the areas of music, staging, props and costumes to create an exciting presentation.